Hey, I am

Praveen Gowda

About Me

Computer Science Grad Student at University of Southern California.

iOS Developer at

Previously, iOS at Tile and SAP


My Apps & Projects.

Building for Mobile is my passion. I have developed several iOS apps, Alexa Skills and a Mac App

EZ Colony Counter

Detect and Count bacterial colonies in captured images of agar plates. Open on the App Store


A Calendar App that lives in the Mac’s menu bar. Open on the App Store


Location based, real-time iOS Chat App for Pokemon Go players. Open on the App Store

Crypto Watch

Crypto Watch is an Alexa skill that provides real time prices of Crypto Currencies. Currently Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are supported. Details


Food Discovery app that searches favorite food nearby in one tap. Open on the App Store

Series Guide

Series Guide is an Alexa skill that is dedicated to tell you when the next episode of your favorite series will air. Details


iOS app to browse Linux/UNIX ManPages and Cheatsheets offline. Open on the App Store

Trip Planner

A intelligent trip planner to help you explore a city. The planner uses AI and smart routing to build the best itinerary to visit the best places in the city within a day. Winner of Alexa SKills Challenge Details


A web based platformer game developed using the JavaScript Phaser.js game library. Play Online


Get In Touch.

Email: praveen.vvstgy [at] gmail